THE MARMALAND AWARDS 2006 "The Marmies".

We asked a distinguished panel made up of Marusan Mu Chicki Chicki, Quincy M.E. and Mr Jones to judge our prestigious awards.

Always on granary toast made from the Ginger Baker's bread, they "blind tested" over forty short listed marmalade varieties under controlled conditions.

The entries had all been gathered or submitted for consideration in the eight main Marmaland Award catagories.

Locked away in Marusan's chambers for eight days and nine nights, the three men lived like contestants of a reality TV program under the watchful eye of The Marmalord.

Their daily tasks, to eat marmalade, remove the legs from flies and to reach an agreement on our eight winners.

After much squabbling, and when Quincy had performed his analysis of each of the marmalade's the decisions were made.

Marmalade Manufacturer of the Year:

Winner: Wilkin & Sons Limited
Highly Commended: Mackays Ltd
Winners Web:

Orange-less Marmalade of the Year:

Winner: Roses Lime Marmalade.
Highly Commended: Robertson's Silver shred.


Home Made Marmalade of the Year:

Winner: Graham Stokes "Ugly Fruit & Minneola Marmalade"
Highly Commended: Alastair Morris "Fruity Little Number".

Traditional Marmalade of the Year:

Winner: Frank Coopers Original Oxford Marmalade.
Highly Commended: James Keiller Dundee Marmalade.

Luxury/Gift Marmalade of the Year:

Winner: Dark Navy Rum Marmalade Fortnum & Mason
Highly Commended: Marmalade with Teachers Whisky Gift Drum
Winners Web:

Supermarket Marmalade of the Year:

Winner: Waitrose Seville Orange Marmalade
Highly Commended: Tescos Thick Cut Orange Shred
Winners Web: http://

Legendary Marmalade Marketing Initiative:

Winner: Robertson's Gollywog Motif
Highly Commended: James Keiller
Winners Web:

The Marmalord's Special Marmalegend Award 2006:

Winner: Dr William M Mathew (Professor of Marmalade)
Winners Web:

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