Welcome to Marmaland

As the curator of Marmaland, I am proud to present to you the world's first on-line museum of marmalade.

Marmaland has grown out of my unhealthy obsession, and insatiable thirst for information on marmalade.

As well as this web site, Marmaland does exist in reality, tucked away in a secret UK location is one of the world finest collections of Marmalade packaging, advertising and ephemera collected by me and my team of loyal Golliwogs.

We regularly scour on-line auctions, and rifle the cupboards of the elderly to fuel our shared marmalade obsession.

In these pages you will be able to view a small amount of the museums exhibits in our gallery section. Click on Marmagallery above to list each one. We also take a look at the history of the great preserve, and show you how to make Minneola & Ugly fruit marmalade.

In Paddington's Corner we offer a unique opportunity for you to have a psychic marmalade jar reading from the remarkable Marusan Mu Chicki Chicki, and after much excitement we have recently announced the results of our prestigious "Marmaland Awards".

I hope you enjoy the site, and we welcome your thoughts, opinions and suggestions by email or in the guest book.

Mr Jones
Curator of Marmaland, and friend of the Marmalord